Transpirenaica Routes in Moto through the Pyrenees Catalunya

From coast to coast, between two seas and 3 different countries. The Trans-Pyrenean Route that runs along the national road N-260 offers plenty of getaways, landscapes and curves that are worth missing for a few hours or days.

The emblematic N-260 connects the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea with the Cantabrian Sea in one of the best motorcycle routes in Spain along its 800 kilometers in length. For lovers of adventure, touring the Pyrenees is an experience that is better to live it than waiting to be told. Live it!

The Trans-Pyrenean Motorcycle Route allows you to travel it in many different ways. You can start in the coasts of the Cantabrian slope, you can enter into French territory, you can visit our neighbors of Andorra, you can drive through mountain peaks or lose yourself in the Costa Brava. Multiple possibilities for bikers eager for spectacular curves, great beauty and soft pavement.

At the Pyrenees on Motorbike, we want to make it as easy as possible to plan your motorcycle route through the Pyrenees, providing detailed and easy-to-view routes. Each of our proposals has a link to Google Maps or its coordinates so that you can insert them in your GPS and drive safely and without loss to your destination.

Dare to travel one of our motorcycle routes through the Pyrenees that you will never forget.

Throw yourself into this adventure and enjoy it!

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