Are you thinking about taking a vacation? Do you plan a motorcycle outing somewhere original? Do you like nature in its purest state?

Traveling by motorcycle is a sensation hardly comparable to other more conventional means of transport. For road lovers, the effect of driving a motorcycle on back roads is hard to describe with words. Smells, colors, the breeze on our body or the light that enters through the visor of our helmet, are pleasures that only bikers can experience first-hand.

For this reason, today we want to encourage you to prepare your vacations and get into one of the most popular roads for bikers in Europe, the Pyrenees.

Prepare your trip to Pyrenees by motorcycle!

The main objective that you should consider when planning your motorcycle trip to the Pyrenees is to rest and clear your mind for a few days. To be able to enjoy the endless routes that you will find in the Pyrenees, you must be proactive and plan ahead certain aspects to avoid setbacks.

Check your motorcycle

Before starting any motorcycle route, you must know the state of the parts and gears of your vehicle. When was the last time you changed the wheels? Are they in a position to make distances? And the chain of transmission? How are the oil levels?

Our recommendation is that you visit a workshop because it is a journey in which you will travel long distances and in which the most important thing is to have fun and avoid setbacks as much as possible to drive safely.

Documentation in order

Whenever you take the motorcycle you must carry all the necessary and mandatory documentation duly updated. Even more so if we find ourselves touring the Pyrenees by motorcycle.

Many of the routes that you will find in the area of the Pyrenees pass around the border with France and Andorra, so carrying the documentation becomes essential.

Physical state

Traveling by motorcycle, our body adopts postures that can be uncomfortable after hours and kilometers of road. Therefore, our recommendation is to make stops every hour or an hour and a half at most to relax the body and do some stretching to decongest certain areas of the body.

Weight distribution

Finally, in terms of luggage, we must bear in mind that a motorcycle is not like a vehicle and that, therefore, the distribution of the weight is very important. Make a good distribution of luggage will give us the stability to avoid frights or feeling of imbalance when taking curves.

Enjoy your trip through Pyrenees by motorcycle!

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