[iu_pdfgpskmz url=»» urlpdf=»#» urlgps=»https://www.pyreneesonmotorbike.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/ViewpointOfThePyrenees.gpx» urlkmz=»https://www.pyreneesonmotorbike.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Viewpoint-of-the-pyrenees.kml»]
[iu_dades_principals descripcio=»Half day route, with little traffic, good views; 3 mountain port and 6 lakes / marshes and the fantastic viewpoint of the Pirineu with good asphalt except the section of Pont de Montañana to Ager that is acceptable asphalt, but it is where the viewpoint that gives name to this route, the mirador of the pyrenees, place from which Paragliding and near the astronomical park of the Montsec, in this place the views are endless, and is little known. continue to almost before Balaguer and then Returning to Sort in the village of La Pobla de Segur at the foot of Carretera is The craft beer C-13 and they make tastings (C-13 is the name of the road that goes from Lleida to almost France)» llocsinteres=»Mirador del Pirineo – where we will have unbeatable views of almost the entire Pyrenees.
Astronomical Park of Montsec – is the only place in Catalonia for astronomical observation. The Astronomical Park is a tool for scientific research and dissemination where we will find exhibitions on astronomy and landscapes, and we can enjoy a unique tool: the Montsec eye, a digital multimedia planetarium and a platform for observing the sky. The Astronomical Park has been admitted by the Starlight initiative, linked to UNESCO, as a tourist destination.
C-13 Cervecería de la Pobla de Segur – located on the same road, is a place where we can try the best craft beer in the Pyrenees.» onrepostar=»Sort – Pont de Suert- Balaguer (outside route) – Guardia de Noguera- Tremp – La Pobla de Segur» imatge=»5720″ distancia=»270″ temps=»4-5h» sortida=»Sort» arribada=»Sort» autovia=»0″ nacional=»108″ comarcal=»108″ local=»53″]
[iu_tram tipus_carretera=»nacional» img_final=»finaltram» descripcio=»» imatge=»5791″ titolruta=»Stage 1″ localitzacio=»Sort – Gerri de la Sal» nom_carretera=»N260″ kilometres=»12.9″ finaltram=»12.9″ temps=»10min» punt_kilometric_img=»281″]We leave Sort by N260. We address Gerri de la Sal. In this town we go to turn right on the first crossing.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»local» img_final=»desviamentdreta» imatge=»6186″ titolruta=»Stage 2″ localitzacio=»Gerri de la Sal – Peramea» punt_kilometric_img=»292″ nom_carretera=»Carrer es Vinyes» kilometres=»4.9″ finaltram=»17.8″ temps=»8min»]We enter Gerri de la Sal by the road N260. About 60m aprox we turn left towards Peramea by the road Les Vinyes and we continue here for about 4 km, until arriving at Peramea.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»local» img_final=»desviamentdreta» imatge=»5793″ titolruta=»Stage 3″ localitzacio=»Peramea – Montcortes» nom_carretera=»Les Vinyes» kilometres=»7″ finaltram=»24.8″ temps=»10min»]In this section we’ll find a narrow road with asphalt playful good. Few kilometers we come out onto Lake Mont Cortes.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»local» img_final=»desviamentesquerra» imatge=»5799″ titolruta=»Stage 4″ localitzacio=»Moncortes – La pobleta de Bellvei» nom_carretera=»L-503″ kilometres=»5.8″ finaltram=»30.6″ temps=»9min»]At this junction we go to Pobleta del Bellvei, following the indications. (Right).[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»nacional» img_final=»desviamentdreta» imatge=»5804″ titolruta=»Stage 5″ localitzacio=»La pobleta de Bellvei – Pont de Suert» nom_carretera=»N260″ kilometres=»32.1″ finaltram=»62.7″ temps=»31min» punt_kilometric_img=»3″]At the next junction we turn right towards Pont de Suert.
We entered a very wide section of the road in good condition for about 20 km. At this point the road becomes the famous Port of Perves. The road becomes narrow and the asphalt is aggravated.
If we continue advancing we arrive at Pont de Suert. This is the perfect place to make the first stop. We can park in the village next to the fabulous church and go to the first bar to the right of the church where motorcyclists are welcome. We can ask the owner the history of Casco Antiguo.
After the recharge, we follow the route.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»nacional» img_final=»recte» imatge=»5829″ titolruta=»Stage 6″ localitzacio=»Pont de Suert – Pont de Montañana» nom_carretera=»N230″ kilometres=»35.1″ finaltram=»97.8″ temps=»25min» punt_kilometric_img=»122″]We leave from Pont de Suert by the street of Monestir de Lavaix and we continue here for about 100m approx. Then we turn right towards Victoriano Muñoz avenue / N-230 and continue along this road for about 3.5 km, following the signs for Port de Montañana.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»recte» imatge=»5843″ titolruta=»Stage 7″ localitzacio=»Pont de Montañana – Mirador del Pìrineu» nom_carretera=»C1311″ kilometres=»14″ finaltram=»111.8″ temps=»22min» punt_kilometric_img=»1″]We continue on this road towards the viewpoint of Ager where we will stop to take some impressive photos, after which we will continue our route.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»local» img_final=»recte» imatge=»5852″ titolruta=»Stage 8″ localitzacio=»Mirador del Pirineu – Ager» nom_carretera=»Cami del Coll d’Ares» kilometres=»10.5″ finaltram=»135.2″ temps=»21min»]After the unbeatable views we go in direction to Ager, about 10 km approx.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»rotondaesquerra» imatge=»5962″ titolruta=»Stage 9″ localitzacio=»Ager – Balaguer» nom_carretera=»C-13″ kilometres=»35.5″ finaltram=»170.7″ temps=»23min» punt_kilometric_img=»199″]We cross the village and continue until we reach the first roundabout (1 km from Balaguer) where we leave to the last exit Gerb, crossing Gerb and go towards Sant Llorenç de Montgai.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»local» img_final=»recte» imatge=»5963″ titolruta=»Stage 10″ localitzacio=»Balaguer – Sant Llorenç de Montgai» nom_carretera=»LV-9047″ kilometres=»9″ finaltram=»179.7″ temps=»8min» punt_kilometric_img=»0″]Before entering Balaguer, at the roundabout we take the second exit towards Gerb and follow this road about 3 km approx. Then we turn right onto Carrer Sant Llorenç and we continue along the LV-9047 for approximately 6 km, following the signs until we reach Sant Llorenç de Montgai.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»local» img_final=»recte» imatge=»5965″ titolruta=»Stage 11″ localitzacio=»Sant Llorenç de Montgai – Camarasa» nom_carretera=»LV-9047″ kilometres=»4.3″ finaltram=»184″ temps=»6min» punt_kilometric_img=»10″]We will cross San Lorenzo de Montgai to direction Camarasa where we stop for lunch.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»recte» imatge=»5966″ titolruta=»Stage 12″ localitzacio=»Camarasa – Font de les Bagasses» nom_carretera=»C-13″ kilometres=»28″ finaltram=»212″ temps=»21min» punt_kilometric_img=»43″]Once we have eaten, we continue along the C13 on direction Tremp by the Port. We can stop after the Port to make a drink of water to the Font de les Bagasses.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»desviamentdreta» imatge=»5967″ titolruta=»Stage 13″ localitzacio=»Font de les Bagasses – Presa de Talarn» nom_carretera=»C-13″ kilometres=»20″ finaltram=»232″ temps=»15min» punt_kilometric_img=»71″]We continue on the C-13, we across Tremp and continue towards La Pobla de Segur. We can stop to take a look at the lak[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»recte» imatge=»5968″ titolruta=»Stage 14″ localitzacio=»Presa de Talarn – Cerveceria C13 Pobla de Segur» nom_carretera=»C13″ kilometres=»9.1″ finaltram=»241.1″ temps=»8min» punt_kilometric_img=»91″]We can stop for a beer at the Brewery C13[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»nacional» img_final=»desviamentdreta» titolruta=»Stage 15″ localitzacio=»Cerveceria C13 Pobla de Segur – Sort» nom_carretera=»N260″ kilometres=»28.3″ imatge=»5969″ finaltram=»269.4″ temps=»20min» punt_kilometric_img=»307″]At the Pobla de Segur roundabout, we turn right and continue to Sort, towards Les Brases Hotel.[/iu_tram]

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