Transpirenaica Routes in Moto through the Pyrenees Catalunya

Catalonia has a massive diversity.

Along with that, you will also be able to discover lots of landscapes in here as well. You will not be able to find so much of options in any other part in Europe. Therefore, it is a great destination available for the motorcyclists who are looking forward to enjoy scenic motorcycle rides. You will fall in love with everything that is sent on your way as well.

Routes available in Catalunya

The scenic routes available in Catalunya range from the leafy woods located in Garrotxa to rice fields that are located in Delta de L’Ebre. You cannot ignore the scenic rides offered from the massive woods in El Solsones to La Segarra as well. Along with all these rides, you will fall in love with the rides that will take you through Pyrenees Mountain. It can provide a bunch of new and exciting memories for you to gather and enjoy.

Motorbike rides through Pyrenees

To make sure that you are enjoying motorbike rides through Pyrenees Catalunya, you need to make sure that you are aware about the best motorbike tour routes. Then all you have to do is to go ahead with the motorbike tours and enjoy the experiences that will be sent on your way.

If you want to get impressed with the motorbike rides that you enjoy in Catalunya, you should take a look at the Transpirenaica routes. These routes are known for creating amazing memories for the riders. The routes are dragging from coast to coast. On the other hand, the route will provide you with the opportunity to cross three different countries. It will help you to run through the best of N-260 national road.

While you are traveling, you will come across numerous landscapes, gateways and curves. They can help you to stay engaged with the sceneries that you are experiencing.

Transpirenaica routes

The Transpirenaica routes are connecting Caribbean Sea along with Mediterranean Sea. Total distance of this route is around 800km. You can have an adventurous experience while you are traveling in this route along with your motorbike.

The route is not a boring one and you will come across new and exciting adventures as you move forward with it. This can make sure that you don’t regret about the decision taken to go ahead with the route. This is the main reason why this is known as the best option among best motorcycle roads in Spain as well.

Once you make the decision to go ahead and grab this adventure, you can kick off your journey from the Cantabrian Slope. Along with that, you have the freedom to get into the French territory and start exploring. You also have the ability to visit the neighbors of Andorra as well.

You will come across a large number of jaw dropping curves while you are riding through these places of interest. The ride you go through will never be a tough one and it will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy what you are getting.

Pyrenees on the motorbike

While you are traveling to Pyrenees on the motorbike, you need to understand how to plan your journey accordingly, so that you can make sure that you are only experiencing the best out of it. This will help you to minimize most of the challenges that you will come across. For example, you need to rely on Google Maps as it will help you to stick to the directions on where you are heading at all times. In addition to that, you need to get the help of a GPS tracker and ensure that you are sticking to the desired route at all times.

Even a small distraction can make you get lost. The GPS device you have will make sure that you will not get lost like that. As a result, you will be able to get to the destination safely.

Since this is one of the most scenic motorbike tour routes, you shouldn’t forget to take the camera along with you. You will come across a large number of beautiful and fascinating places. Never forget to capture images at those places, which will assist you to enjoy all the cherishing memories that you are having at the end of the day.

Now you have a clear understanding about the Transpirenaica routes, which are available for you to travel through Pyrenees Catalunya. Take a look at these routes and make the decision to go ahead with them. It can provide you with a bunch of amazing memories, which will cherish in your memories for a lifetime. Once you complete the journey, you will come across the need to add it to the list of best motorcycle rides that you ever had in your life as well.

N-260 route

N-260 – One of the best motorbike tour routes in Spain

If you are a motorcyclist, you must be looking forward to travel in the most scenic motorcycle routes out there in the world. That’s where you need to take a look at the N-260. It is located in Northernmost east west region of Spain. You can find a large number of excellent motorbike tour routes in Spain. Out of them, N-260 has received lots of attention. Therefore, you can think about going for a tour in this scenic route without keeping any doubts in mind.

Most of the national roads that you can find in Spain were constructed during the 20th Century. Likewise, N-260 was constructed during the 1980s. It is crossing through lots of mountains. Hence, you will come across narrow paths while you are riding in this route. They have also contributed a lot towards the scenic beauty that you can enjoy while traveling in the route as well.

What can you experience while you are going for a motorbike tour in N-260?

Before you make the decision to go ahead with a motorbike tour in the N-260 route, you need to have a strong understanding on what you will be able to receive out of it. Then you can keep appropriate expectations in your mind and move forward. Following are some of the best experiences that you can secure while you are traveling in the N-260 route.

Best landscapes

You will come across lots of outstanding landscapes while you are traveling across N-260. These mountainous environments will never fail to impress you. You will be able to admire the beauty of nature while you are going for a scenic journey down in the route. Some of the natural wonders that you will come across while traveling in N-260 route cannot be experience elsewhere in the world. Hence, people who make the decision to go ahead with a motorcycle ride in N-260 route are securing one of the best opportunities available to secure.

Historical heritage

It is also possible for you to deep dive into history while you are going for a ride in the N-260 route. In other words, you will come across a large number of Romanesque castles and churches while you are traveling. They will help you to get a better understanding about the history of Spain as well. In addition to that, you will be able to have a clear picture about how the culture that you can find in Spain has evolved along with time. You will also love to take lots of pictures while you are wandering around the old castles and churches that can be found around the road.

Best quality food

Another great reason available for a motorcyclist to pick this out of the available motorcycle routes is that it will provide opportunity to enjoy best quality foods at all times. If you are a foodie, you will fall in love with everything that you will come across. In other words, you will get the opportunity to enjoy cheeses and sausages. In addition to that, you will be able to find numerous plates, which are inherent to Spain as well. You will never run out of food options while you are traveling in this route.

N-260 route


You don’t have to spend a fortune to travel in the N-260 motorcycle route. It is one of the most affordable motorcycle routes that you can find in the country. Even if the motorcycle tour is capable of offering the experiences at such a low price tag, you will be provided with the best possible experience. Nothing will be compromised. Hence, you don’t need to worry about anything when you are going ahead with this route. It is a great option available for all the budget travelers out there in the world as well.

Ability to travel in all types of motorcycles

No matter what kind of a motorcycle that you have, you are provided with the freedom to travel in this motorcycle route and get the best experiences offered by it. It is true that this route is quite challenging, as it offers numerous steep slopes along with mountains. However, you will still be able to travel in it with the motorcycle that you have without facing any difficulties. You can find lots of people who have completed touring in this route even with all the most basic motorcycle types.

Now you have a clear understanding on why you should be selecting N-260 over the other motorbike tour routes. You just need to go ahead with it and enjoy the experiences that are sent on your way, without worrying too much about your riding level and the motorbike that you have. You just need to enjoy the experiences offered on your way.

motos and pyrenees bonaigua

Top 3 of the best motorcycle routes in the Pyrenees

To the north of the Iberian Peninsula, we find one of the best motorcycle routes in the Pyrenees and spectacular natural enclaves of the European continent, place of passage and natural separation between 3 different countries.

Governed by wild and imposing peaks, the Pyrenees also hide valleys and gorges where you can enjoy wild nature and unparalleled views.

This wide mountain range is full of comfortable and well-paved roads for you to enjoy the motorcycle route through the Pyrenees. Dare to enter one of the most stunning natural landscapes on a motorcycle!

For first-time bikers in this area, we bring you today 5 different routes proposals in which to enjoy a natural getaway.

Panticosa Spa

Located in the Huesca province, there is a valley surrounded by snowy giants where the emblematic hotel and resort of Panticosa is located. 8 kilometers from the town center, 28 of the ski slopes and a few steps from the lake of the Ibones de Ordicuso you will find this spa that has been open since 1854.

If you want to make a motorcycle routes in the Pyrenees that culminates in the Panticosa Spa, take the N-330 from the city of Huesca towards Sabiñánigo. Once here, take the N-260 towards Biescas, and once there you will take the A-136 for the detour to Panticosa. On the A-2606 and crossing Panticosa, you will reach your destination.

motorcycle routes in the PyreneesSort

Another emblematic motorcycle route is the one you can take to the town of the legendary lottery administration of La Bruixa D’Or and try your luck for the next Christmas.

From Sort, in the province of Lleida, you can do endless routes by motorcycle but one of the most chosen by lovers of two wheels is the one that runs through three mountain posts and 6 lakes.

We will take the N-260 towards Gerri de la Sal and continue towards Pobla de Segur, Tremp and Ager. From here we will reach the furthest point of the route, Balaguer, to start the trip back through Camarasa, the Talarn Dam and Pobla de Segur.

Finally, we will return to the starting point, Sort, where you can taste typical dishes of the Catalan Pyrenees.

Bohí de Taüll

Finally, in the Bohí Valley, we find a ski resort located in the province of Lleida, more than 2,000 meters high. Bohí de Taüll, in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, is the gateway to the Aigües Tortes Natural Park and Lake San Mauricio.

From Pont de Suert on the N-230 we will take the L-500 towards Llesp, Coll, Cardet and, finally, Bohí.

Any of these routes by motorcycle through the Pyrenees will make you enjoy the views, the curves and the majestic places you will pass through.

Do you dare follow one of the motorcycle routes in the Pyrenees?

Fun on the Pyrenees by motorcycle

Are you thinking about taking a vacation? Do you plan a motorcycle outing somewhere original? Do you like nature in its purest state?

Traveling by motorcycle is a sensation hardly comparable to other more conventional means of transport. For road lovers, the effect of driving a motorcycle on back roads is hard to describe with words. Smells, colors, the breeze on our body or the light that enters through the visor of our helmet, are pleasures that only bikers can experience first-hand.

For this reason, today we want to encourage you to prepare your vacations and get into one of the most popular roads for bikers in Europe, the Pyrenees.

Prepare your trip to Pyrenees by motorcycle!

The main objective that you should consider when planning your motorcycle trip to the Pyrenees is to rest and clear your mind for a few days. To be able to enjoy the endless routes that you will find in the Pyrenees, you must be proactive and plan ahead certain aspects to avoid setbacks.

Check your motorcycle

Before starting any motorcycle route, you must know the state of the parts and gears of your vehicle. When was the last time you changed the wheels? Are they in a position to make distances? And the chain of transmission? How are the oil levels?

Our recommendation is that you visit a workshop because it is a journey in which you will travel long distances and in which the most important thing is to have fun and avoid setbacks as much as possible to drive safely.

Documentation in order

Whenever you take the motorcycle you must carry all the necessary and mandatory documentation duly updated. Even more so if we find ourselves touring the Pyrenees by motorcycle.

Many of the routes that you will find in the area of the Pyrenees pass around the border with France and Andorra, so carrying the documentation becomes essential.

Physical state

Traveling by motorcycle, our body adopts postures that can be uncomfortable after hours and kilometers of road. Therefore, our recommendation is to make stops every hour or an hour and a half at most to relax the body and do some stretching to decongest certain areas of the body.

Weight distribution

Finally, in terms of luggage, we must bear in mind that a motorcycle is not like a vehicle and that, therefore, the distribution of the weight is very important. Make a good distribution of luggage will give us the stability to avoid frights or feeling of imbalance when taking curves.

Enjoy your trip through Pyrenees by motorcycle!

Motorcycle route – Adventure through the Trans-Pyrenees

There are many ways to travel, but nothing like traveling by motorcycle route.

When you are looking for motorcycle route, the freedom of movement, the facility to discover places and the proximity of everything that surrounds us, are not comparable to the sensations offered by other means of transport.

If you are a lover of the road and speed, you have surely considered the possibility of making a motorcycle route. That is why today we are going to talk about the Trans-Pyrenean route. A combination of nature, landscapes, and history seasoned with many protected natural spaces and charming places that you will surely remember all your life.

The Trans-Pyrenean route, also known as GR11, goes from Girona to Biarritz, a total of 800 kilometers that will allow you to get to know the Pyrenees mountain range, located between Spain, Andorra, and France. And see the Cantabrian Sea to the West and the Mediterranean Sea to the East.

As you can imagine, you will go through many villages, so today we leave you with a list of those who have to visit no matter what:

Andorra La Vella

Andorra La Vella is an ideal place to go shopping. Do not hesitate to walk through its streets and enjoy its shops. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to buy those products that we have forgotten to put in our suitcase.

If you visit this place especially in spring, we recommend you to visit the Valira River, where you can walk along its banks under the branches of cherry blossoms. Remember to visit Dalí’s Bland Clock, a sculpture that measures almost 5 meters high and weighs 1400 kilos. It belonged to the personal secretary of Dalí who lived in Andorra la Bella and finally donated it to the city.

motorcycle routeVielha

It is one of the most charming towns in the Spanish Pyrenees. The roofs of the houses are made of slate, and wherever you look, you will find yourself surrounded by mountains. Undoubtedly, all this makes it an almost obligatory stop if you are doing the Trans-Pyrenean route.

If you travel with time, we recommend you to make some of the hiking routes that are in the area to see first-hand the nature that surrounds this place or visit the Museo del Valle, where you can see from typical objects to old photos of the area.


It is a beautiful coastal town full of history; it was a very touristy town of French high society in the times of Louis XIV. It is the perfect stop to enjoy a few days of sun, beach and a lot of rest in your motorcycle route.

The Casino of the city, located in the center of it, is the art deco symbol of the city. In addition to being a casino, inside you can also find a theater, a pool and a restaurant.


Hondarribia is a small fishing village of Gipuzkoa famous for its traditional pintxos. We recommend that you go through the bars tasting the specialties that each one offers, a very good way to taste the gastronomy of the area.

Drive safely through the Pyrenees

When you travel by motorcycle you always have to exercise extreme caution since we are more vulnerable than with other means of transport, even more so if we are making a journey through the Pyrenees by motorcycle.

Today we bring you a series of biker tips to enjoy driving, always keeping in mind certain safe behaviors.

Safety tips for driving a motorcycle through  Pyrenees

1.      Position your body aerodynamically

When you drive at high speed you will notice that the force of the wind exerts greater force and friction on your body and helmet.

By making a slight movement bringing our body forward in a relaxed way, without forcing too much or having to touch the bike’s tank, you will gain in comfort. This posture allows the flow of air to circulate in a more aerodynamic manner, avoiding greater fatigue and muscle pain.

Traveling by motorcycle through the Pyrenees you will find high mountain roads that are more exposed to the wind, so the position of the body and the
essential protection to drive safely will be the key.

motorcycle through Pyrenees2.      The counter-handle

This technique used to take curves and to tilt more or less in the line will facilitate driving. We recommend that for safety if you have not done it before, practice on long straights at medium speed, about 50 km/hour.

Place the palms of the hands on the handlebars and force the handlebar with the right hand so that it moves slightly to the right. You will notice immediately that the bike responds by turning to the opposite side, your left.

Practice to familiarize yourself with the sensation and you can apply it to your Pyrenees motorcycle route.

3.      The use of footrests

A technique to provide further traction and safety to the bike when taking curves is to give more strength or support to the footrest of force in the curve. If it is a right-hand curve, we will press the left footrest to steer the bike more firmly on the curve.

On the roads of the Pyrenees, we can find changing climates, and without realizing it, you can form a small storm in a few minutes. Applying this wet road technique can help us avoid mishaps.

4.      Cross a tunnel

At certain times of the day, depending on the position of the sun, we must take precautions on the bike when entering a tunnel.

For a moment, right at the entrance, we can be left without visibility, so our advice is to moderate your speed. If you drive around town, you can take as a reference the drivers of the cars to drive with more caution until the view gets used to the amount of light.

You know, being on a motorcycle route through the Pyrenees you should be cautious and careful, knowing this kind of easily applicable techniques, can help you safely enjoy your motorcycle journey.

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