Here are some tips for traveling by motorcycle

Good weather is coming, and many bikers take advantage of both the weekends and short vacations to drive their motorcycle and take the road to do kilometers through the Pyrenees by motorcycle.

But if you aren’t used to making long journeys by road, you must have a series of precautions to avoid any inconvenience. Here are some tips for enjoying the trip.

Tips for bikers’ route through the Pyrenees

Check up your motorcycle

Before undertaking, even if it is a small route through the Pyrenees by motorcycle, you should check that all the elements of the bike are in good condition. Check that the brakes, dampers, fluid level, filters or wheel pressure are optimal for traveling large kilometers.

If the journey lasts more than three days, we recommend that in addition to doing the necessary checks, take the bike to your workshop for a more in-depth check up.

Finally, carrying a basic repair kit can be very helpful if we are somewhere quite apart where the help may take several hours to arrive.


The second basic recommendation when embarking on a motorcycle trip would be to always equip us with a suit, whether in one piece or two, with its regulatory protections. Driving without gloves, suitable footwear and, of course, without a helmet, because it’s hot, it’s recklessness with great consequences such as suffering burns or fractures due to a fall.

Always bring replacement clothes to wear if we feel heat or if we are cold. A detail to keep in mind is that it’s better comfortable and without seams clothes since after several hours it can start to bother.

Food and drink

Whenever you travel more than an hour, don’t forget to include a small bottle of water or isotonic drink in your luggage to fight dehydration.

As for food, if the trips aren’t excessively long, it will be enough to include an energy bar or a can of precooked food. Both options are perfect because they don’t take up much space and will be good for us to regain strength.

Suitcases and backpacks

The days, the passengers or the distance to travel are proportional to the amount of luggage you will take.

The fundamental premise to enjoy the Pyrenees on a motorcycle and each curve is to distribute the weight of the luggage well on the motorcycle.

As for the suitcases and backpacks, although their material is waterproof and watertight, we recommend that you keep in plastic bags both clothes, equipment, and documentation. In the case of heavy rain, it’s quite likely that the water ends up entering through grooves and wetting the inside.

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