There are many ways to travel, but nothing like traveling by motorcycle route.

When you are looking for motorcycle route, the freedom of movement, the facility to discover places and the proximity of everything that surrounds us, are not comparable to the sensations offered by other means of transport.

If you are a lover of the road and speed, you have surely considered the possibility of making a motorcycle route. That is why today we are going to talk about the Trans-Pyrenean route. A combination of nature, landscapes, and history seasoned with many protected natural spaces and charming places that you will surely remember all your life.

The Trans-Pyrenean route, also known as GR11, goes from Girona to Biarritz, a total of 800 kilometers that will allow you to get to know the Pyrenees mountain range, located between Spain, Andorra, and France. And see the Cantabrian Sea to the West and the Mediterranean Sea to the East.

As you can imagine, you will go through many villages, so today we leave you with a list of those who have to visit no matter what:

Andorra La Vella

Andorra La Vella is an ideal place to go shopping. Do not hesitate to walk through its streets and enjoy its shops. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to buy those products that we have forgotten to put in our suitcase.

If you visit this place especially in spring, we recommend you to visit the Valira River, where you can walk along its banks under the branches of cherry blossoms. Remember to visit Dalí’s Bland Clock, a sculpture that measures almost 5 meters high and weighs 1400 kilos. It belonged to the personal secretary of Dalí who lived in Andorra la Bella and finally donated it to the city.

motorcycle routeVielha

It is one of the most charming towns in the Spanish Pyrenees. The roofs of the houses are made of slate, and wherever you look, you will find yourself surrounded by mountains. Undoubtedly, all this makes it an almost obligatory stop if you are doing the Trans-Pyrenean route.

If you travel with time, we recommend you to make some of the hiking routes that are in the area to see first-hand the nature that surrounds this place or visit the Museo del Valle, where you can see from typical objects to old photos of the area.


It is a beautiful coastal town full of history; it was a very touristy town of French high society in the times of Louis XIV. It is the perfect stop to enjoy a few days of sun, beach and a lot of rest in your motorcycle route.

The Casino of the city, located in the center of it, is the art deco symbol of the city. In addition to being a casino, inside you can also find a theater, a pool and a restaurant.


Hondarribia is a small fishing village of Gipuzkoa famous for its traditional pintxos. We recommend that you go through the bars tasting the specialties that each one offers, a very good way to taste the gastronomy of the area.

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