When you travel by motorcycle you always have to exercise extreme caution since we are more vulnerable than with other means of transport, even more so if we are making a journey through the Pyrenees by motorcycle.

Today we bring you a series of biker tips to enjoy driving, always keeping in mind certain safe behaviors.

Safety tips for driving a motorcycle through  Pyrenees

1.      Position your body aerodynamically

When you drive at high speed you will notice that the force of the wind exerts greater force and friction on your body and helmet.

By making a slight movement bringing our body forward in a relaxed way, without forcing too much or having to touch the bike’s tank, you will gain in comfort. This posture allows the flow of air to circulate in a more aerodynamic manner, avoiding greater fatigue and muscle pain.

Traveling by motorcycle through the Pyrenees you will find high mountain roads that are more exposed to the wind, so the position of the body and the
essential protection to drive safely will be the key.

motorcycle through Pyrenees2.      The counter-handle

This technique used to take curves and to tilt more or less in the line will facilitate driving. We recommend that for safety if you have not done it before, practice on long straights at medium speed, about 50 km/hour.

Place the palms of the hands on the handlebars and force the handlebar with the right hand so that it moves slightly to the right. You will notice immediately that the bike responds by turning to the opposite side, your left.

Practice to familiarize yourself with the sensation and you can apply it to your Pyrenees motorcycle route.

3.      The use of footrests

A technique to provide further traction and safety to the bike when taking curves is to give more strength or support to the footrest of force in the curve. If it is a right-hand curve, we will press the left footrest to steer the bike more firmly on the curve.

On the roads of the Pyrenees, we can find changing climates, and without realizing it, you can form a small storm in a few minutes. Applying this wet road technique can help us avoid mishaps.

4.      Cross a tunnel

At certain times of the day, depending on the position of the sun, we must take precautions on the bike when entering a tunnel.

For a moment, right at the entrance, we can be left without visibility, so our advice is to moderate your speed. If you drive around town, you can take as a reference the drivers of the cars to drive with more caution until the view gets used to the amount of light.

You know, being on a motorcycle route through the Pyrenees you should be cautious and careful, knowing this kind of easily applicable techniques, can help you safely enjoy your motorcycle journey.

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