Crossing the Pyrenees along its southern slope, we find an 800-kilometer road that links the Cantabrian and Mediterranean seas. This route is known as the Trans-Pyrenean Route and is considered one of the ten best motorcycle routes in the world.

Throughout this route, bikers will find some of the most spectacular nature reserves in Europe. The mountains, its majestic forests, picturesque villages, rivers and viewpoints from which to admire the wildest nature; they make up the landscape by which they get to drive and enjoy.

The Trans-Pyrenees Adventure

The Trans-Pyrenean Motorcycle Route is an adventure impossible to forget. Crossing the Pyrenees on a motorcycle surrounded by so much wild beauty is a unique experience.

Therefore, we propose this tour that we have split into ten stages through which you’ll cross the Iberian Peninsula and move from the warm and calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the cold and wild waters of the Cantabrian Sea.

We started the adventure in Portbou, located in the Alto Ampurdá region, and we went to Ripoll by the N260 road. Crossing this village, we will head towards Campdevánol and then, taking the B-402, we’ll go towards the Pobla de Lillet, Bellver de Cerdanya and La Seu d’Urgell.

The end of this second stage will end in the beautiful town of Sort where you can enjoy typical cuisine of the Catalan Pyrenees.

Crossing the Sort bridge, we’ll drive our bike towards Tremp and, continuing straight on the N260, we’ll arrive at Pobla de Segur. From here, we’ll take the exit towards Pont de Suert. Once there, we search for Vielha and Castejon de Sos road.

In the fourth stage, taking the mythical Route 260 from Castejon de Sos we’ll head towards Benasque and, once we get to this picturesque town we’ll take a detour to Ainsa.

From Ainsa, we’ll travel to Biescas in the fifth stage of this Trans-Pyrenean Route, arriving in the equator this motorcycle adventure.

From Biescas to Jaca and in Jaca taking exit 424 towards Pamplona until you reach Anso. From Anso, we’ll have to get to Espinal taking first the NA 137 and the NA-140.

In the next stage from Espinal, we’ll drive to Eugi, where on its final stretch of road we can admire a beautiful reservoir next to the town.

One of the last stages of the Trans-Pyrenean Route links Eugi with Lesaca driving on the N-121 A.

Finally, we reach the final stage of the journey between two seas leaving Lesaca, seeking to join the GI-3420 road and look for the detours that will take us to our destination, Irún city of the Basque Country that borders France.

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