[iu_pdfgpskmz url=»» urlpdf=»#» urlgps=»https://www.pyreneesonmotorbike.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/rialp-burdeos.gpx» urlkmz=»#»]
[iu_dades_principals descripcio=»Nice route that passes through two countries (France and Spain) and two natural parks: Parc Naturelle Regional des Laudes de Gascogne in Bordeaux and Parc Natural d’Alt Pirineo in Spain (Pallars Sobirà and the north of l’Alt Urgell) and near the National Park d’Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici.» llocsinteres=»Bordeaux – is a surprising city, full of must-see places: boat trips, the mirror of water, the majestic Pey Berland tower, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew. It is also a wine region and was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2007.
Roquefort – is a unique town where the famous Roquefort cheese is refined. The city of cheese is located in the Regional National Park of Grandes Causses. Required
visit to the caves of Roquefort.
Bagneres de Luchon – is a thermal city, climatic spa, that offers beautiful landscapes, it is also known as the « Queen of the Pyrenees«. We can visit the hot springs, museums and practice adventure sports.
Vielha – is a small Pyrenean city, whose streets and buildings have formed an interesting commercial center. We can visit the Ice Palace, the Parish Church of Sant Miquel, the old town, etc.
Sort – a beautiful village in the Pyrenees which is known for being the capital of adventure sports and also for the lottery administration « La Bruixa d’Or«.» onrepostar=»Bordeaux, Sabers, Labrit, Bagneres de Luchon, Vielha, Rialp.» imatge=»5961″ distancia=»477 km» temps=»6-7 H» sortida=»Bordeaux» arribada=»Sort» autovia=»224″ nacional=»38″ comarcal=»216″ local=»0″]
[iu_iframe_google_maps cgooglemaps=»JTNDaWZyYW1lJTIwc3JjJTNEJTIyaHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZ3d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbSUyRm1hcHMlMkZkJTJGZW1iZWQlM0ZtaWQlM0QxWXk0TkJyNEZPU3otZzh1bkNYYWtOQWFpUGl3JTIyJTIwd2lkdGglM0QlMjI2NDAlMjIlMjBoZWlnaHQlM0QlMjI0ODAlMjIlM0UlM0MlMkZpZnJhbWUlM0U=» style=»«border: 0«;» src=»«https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m28!1m12!1m3!1d188895.86362635513!2d0.8716390659463732!3d42.289240961478896!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m13!3e6!4m5!1s0x12a605dc0369c501%3A0xf06348cef8cfd80f!2zU29ydCwgTMOpcmlkYQ!3m2!1d42.410311799999995!2d1.1287747!4m5!1s0x12a641ef7bdc09d1%3A0xd53060380fa24c7f!2zVHJlbXAsIEzDqXJpZGE!3m2!1d42.1669147!2d0.8949296!5e0!3m2!1ses!2ses!4v1491490158216«» width=»«600«» height=»«450«» frameborder=»«0«»]
[iu_tram img_final=»girdreta» descripcio=»» imatge=»6511″ titolruta=»Section 1″ localitzacio=»Burdeos – Cabanac et Villagrains» punt_kilometric_img=»4″ nom_carretera=»A62″ kilometres=»34.7 km» finaltram=»34.7 km» temps=»37 min»]We leave from the cathedral Saint – André de Bordeaux by Rue du Maréchal Joffre towards Pl. De Bir Hakeim, during 2 km approx. After we turn right to access the branch towards Rocade / Salinières, we continue straight on Boulevard des Frères Moga for about 2 km until we join A631 towards Toulouse, we continue here for 6 km. We keep right to continue on A62 towards Toulouse for about 11 km, then we take exit 1.1 towards Agen / Pau and continue on D109E2 towards Cabanac-et-Villagrains for 13 km approx.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»recte» imatge=»6514″ titolruta=»Section 2″ localitzacio=»Cabanac et Villagrains – Guillos» punt_kilometric_img=»15″ nom_carretera=»D220″ kilometres=»7.6 km» finaltram=»42.3 km» temps=»6 min»]We head southeast on Rue de la Croix / D116 towards Route du Bazadais / D220. Then we turn right and continue on the D220 for about 8 km.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»recte» imatge=»6515″ titolruta=»Section 3″ localitzacio=»Guillos – Origne» punt_kilometric_img=»21″ nom_carretera=»D220″ kilometres=»6.3 km» finaltram=»48.6 km» temps=»5 min»]We head southeast on Route de Cabanac / D220 and continue on this road straight for about 6 km, until we reach Origne.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»girdreta» imatge=»6516″ titolruta=»Section 4″ localitzacio=»Origen – Saint Symphorien» punt_kilometric_img=»25″ nom_carretera=»D220 y D11″ kilometres=»7.8 km» finaltram=»56.4 km» temps=»7 min»]We head south on Le Bourg / D220 towards Lantres and continue on this road for 4.3 km. After we turn right towards D11 (directions for Saint Symphorien) and continue on this road for 3.5 km until we reach Saint Symphorien.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»recte» imatge=»6517″ titolruta=»Section 5″ localitzacio=»Saint Symphorien – Sore» punt_kilometric_img=»43″ nom_carretera=»D220 + D43″ kilometres=»14.4 km» finaltram=»70.8 km» temps=»12 min»]We left Saint Symphorien by Place de la République / D220 and continue on this road for 8 km. Then we continue straight on the D43 for 6.4 km until we reach Sore.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»girdreta» imatge=»6518″ titolruta=»Section 6″ localitzacio=»Sore – Sabres» punt_kilometric_img=»15″ nom_carretera=»D45 + D834″ kilometres=»27.3 km» finaltram=»98.1 km» temps=»20 min»]We left Sore by the D651 and continue on this road for about 2 km. Then we turn right towards Route de Trensacq / D45 (directions for Sabers) and continue on this road for approximately 17 km. Then we turn left towards D834 (directions for Sabers) and continue on this road for about 8 km, until we reach Sabers.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»giresquerra» imatge=»6519″ titolruta=»Section 7″ localitzacio=»Sabres – Labrit» punt_kilometric_img=»39″ nom_carretera=»D626″ kilometres=»16.7 km» finaltram=»114.8 km» temps=»12 min»]We left Sabers for Place Gambetta / D834 (directions for Labrit) and continue on this road for about 3 km. Then we turn left towards D626 (signs for A65 / Labrit / Roquefort) and continue on this road for about 14 km, until we reach Labrit.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»rotondarecte» imatge=»6520″ titolruta=»Section 8″ localitzacio=»Labrit – Roquefort» punt_kilometric_img=»21″ nom_carretera=»D626″ kilometres=»18 km» finaltram=»132.8 km» temps=»13 min»]We left Labrit by the Roquefort Route / D626 towards Place de l’Église and continue straight on this road for about 18 km, until we reach Roquefort.[/iu_tram][iu_tram img_final=»girdreta» imatge=»6521″ titolruta=»Section 9″ localitzacio=»Roquefort – Pau» punt_kilometric_img=»99″ nom_carretera=»A65 + D932″ kilometres=»101 km» finaltram=»233.8 km» temps=»55 min»]At the entrance of Roquefort we turn right towards D932 (directions to Pau) and continue on this road for about 1.5 km. Then we take the branch towards Mont-de-Marsan and turn right towards D932, which we continue for 11 km. In the next two roundabouts we take the second exits towards Route d’Agen / D933N. After we join the A65 which we continue straight for about 79 km. Then we use the left lane to join the A64 / E80 towards Toulouse / Pau and continue straight on for 8 km until reaching the entrance to Pau.[/iu_tram][iu_tram img_final=»recte» imatge=»6522″ titolruta=»Section 10″ localitzacio=»Pau – Angos» punt_kilometric_img=»40″ nom_carretera=»A64″ kilometres=»46.8 km» finaltram=»280.6 km» temps=»27 min»]We leave Pau on the A64 and continue on this road for 41 km approx. Then we take exit 13 towards Auch / Tarbes – Est, continue straight for 600m approx, at the first roundabout take the first exit towards D92E and at the second roundabout we take the first exit towards Avenue François Mitterand / D817 and continue along this road all straight for 4.5 km approx, until we reach the entrance of Angos.[/iu_tram][iu_tram img_final=»recte» imatge=»6523″ titolruta=»Section 11″ localitzacio=»Angos – Seilhan» punt_kilometric_img=»5″ nom_carretera=»A64″ kilometres=»52.1 km» finaltram=»332.7 km» temps=»34 min»]When we arrived at the entrance of Angos, we did not enter the town, we continued straight on the D817 for 9.5 km. At the first roundabout we take the first exit towards Avenue de Bagnères / D20 and at the second roundabout take the first exit A64 in the direction of Tarbes / Toulouse. After 300m approx we keep left at the fork and follow the signs for A64 / E80 and continue on this road all straight for 34 km approx. Then we take exit 17 towards Luchon and continue on A645 for about 6k, until we reach Seilhan. At the roundabout we take the third exit towards Bazert / Lleida / N125 and continue straight for about 1 km.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»nacional» img_final=»giresquerra» imatge=»6524″ titolruta=»Section 12″ localitzacio=»Seilhan – Gaud» punt_kilometric_img=»5″ nom_carretera=»N125″ kilometres=»19 km» finaltram=»351.7 km» temps=»17 min»]Passing through Seilhan, we continue straight on the N125 for about 15 km. At the roundabout we take the first exit and join D825 towards Lérida / Cierp – Gaud. After 300 m we turn left towards Camon / D125 and continue on this road for about 4 km.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»recte» imatge=»6526″ titolruta=»Section 13″ localitzacio=»Gaud – Bagneres de Luchon» nom_carretera=»D125″ kilometres=»15 km» finaltram=»366.7 km» temps=»15 min»]Passing through Gaud, we continue straight on the D125 for 13 km approx, until we reach Bagneres de Luchon. At the roundabout we take the first exit towards Avenue Rémy Comet / D125 and continue straight for 1.5 km approx.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»nacional» img_final=»rotondarecte» imatge=»6527″ titolruta=»Section 14″ localitzacio=»Bagneres de Luchon – Vielha» punt_kilometric_img=»178″ nom_carretera=»D618A y N230″ kilometres=»34 km» finaltram=»400.7 km» temps=»47 min»]We leave Bagneres de Luchon on Avenue J Barrau / D618A. After 400m we turn right towards Avenue des Pyrénées / D618A and continue straight for 9 km approx, until we reach Spain. We continue straight for 8 km more. In the next 3 roundabouts we take the first exit and continue along the N230, until we reach Vielha. We continue straight and at the roundabout we take the second exit towards Av. Baile Calbetó / N230, and at the next roundabout we take the third exit towards C28 and continue straight.[/iu_tram][iu_tram tipus_carretera=»comarcal» img_final=»recte» imatge=»6532″ titolruta=»Section 15″ localitzacio=»Vielha – Sort» punt_kilometric_img=»26″ nom_carretera=»C28 y C13″ kilometres=»71.2 km» finaltram=»471.9 km» temps=»77 min»]We leave Vielha on C28. At the roundabout we take the second exit towards Betren / C28 and continue for about 6 km. In the next two roundabouts we take the second exits and continue on the C28 for about 36 km. Then we continue straight on the C13 for about 29 km, following the signs for La Guingueta D’Aneu / Sort, until we reach Sort.[/iu_tram]

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