The Olympic Port is one of the most touristic and lively areas of Barcelona. The image of the Hotel Arts next to the Mapfre Tower marks the entrance to an area with a great variety of restaurants, night clubs and leisure alternatives.

In 1992, before the Barcelona Olympic Games, the city had its back to the sea. All this changed with the development of the Olympic Port, which incorporated a sports marina, housing developments for the Olympic Village and a promenade that unified the entire coast.

As a result, Barcelona opened its doors to the sea, completely changing its urban profile. In this way, it was possible to provide the city with a series of leisure spaces, as well as new parks, squares and finally, a whole series of new beaches.

Nowadays, the Olympic Port is very visited by motorized vehicles coming from Catalan routes and it is an ideal area to go for a walk, to ride a bicycle, to run, to rest on the beach or to eat in any of its restaurants.

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