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Once the decision of the trip that we will make on a motorcycle and the dates on which we will get on wheels is made, a planning process begins in which we will try not to leave anything essential that we need in our trip.

If you have decided to drive routes through the Catalan Pyrenees by motorbike, the best way to plan everything we will take is to anticipate the needs that may arise.

Catalan Pyrenees, is divided into 2 areas and 11 regions, which limits in the eastern part by the Mediterranean Sea, north by the Pyrenees and west by the counties of the Autonomous Community of Aragon. Therefore, we speak of a changing terrain, with very different temperatures and with the possibility of rain or snow, which requires detailed planning depending on the area through which we make the route.

Next, we talk about the protection we consider is essential to make routes through the Pyrenees by motorcycle.

  • Reflective vest: We want to start with this element that we consider essential for a motorcycle trip since it is a high visibility garment that can save our lives. Whether we have a mishap or if we have to stop in a place with poor visibility, the reflective vest is essential to avoid scares. In addition, both in winter and in spring, when it gets dark so soon, wearing this garment is very important.
  • Gloves: Both for our safety and comfort, gloves are an essential protection every time we take the bike and even more if we do it in the Catalan Pyrenees. If you have enough space, our advice is that you wear more than one pair of gloves adapted to different weather conditions such as rain, cold or warmer temperatures.
  • Change of clothes and underwear: We know that space is small and that any extra kilo can make us travel uncomfortable. But in this type of motorcycle trips, it is more than advisable to take one for each day of travel for our comfort and comfort.
  • Motorcycle boots: Boots or boots are an essential element of protection on motorcycle routes because they protect the foot and ankle from inclement weather and, in the event of an accident, protect from twisting and abrasions better than any footwear.
  • Motorcycle jacket: There are plenty of different models with greater or lesser capacity to regulate the temperature, but our advice is to always be Gore-Tex. And, of course, they will always carry the regulatory protections on elbows and shoulders.

The routes through the Catalan Pyrenees stand out for their immense natural beauty and their comfortable roads full of curves for lovers of motorcycles. If you have decided to make a trip to one of its impressive natural parks or cozy towns, these essentials that we have spoken to you today will come from pearls.

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