To the north of the Iberian Peninsula, we find one of the best motorcycle routes in the Pyrenees and spectacular natural enclaves of the European continent, place of passage and natural separation between 3 different countries.

Governed by wild and imposing peaks, the Pyrenees also hide valleys and gorges where you can enjoy wild nature and unparalleled views.

This wide mountain range is full of comfortable and well-paved roads for you to enjoy the motorcycle route through the Pyrenees. Dare to enter one of the most stunning natural landscapes on a motorcycle!

For first-time bikers in this area, we bring you today 5 different routes proposals in which to enjoy a natural getaway.

Panticosa Spa

Located in the Huesca province, there is a valley surrounded by snowy giants where the emblematic hotel and resort of Panticosa is located. 8 kilometers from the town center, 28 of the ski slopes and a few steps from the lake of the Ibones de Ordicuso you will find this spa that has been open since 1854.

If you want to make a motorcycle routes in the Pyrenees that culminates in the Panticosa Spa, take the N-330 from the city of Huesca towards Sabiñánigo. Once here, take the N-260 towards Biescas, and once there you will take the A-136 for the detour to Panticosa. On the A-2606 and crossing Panticosa, you will reach your destination.

motorcycle routes in the PyreneesSort

Another emblematic motorcycle route is the one you can take to the town of the legendary lottery administration of La Bruixa D’Or and try your luck for the next Christmas.

From Sort, in the province of Lleida, you can do endless routes by motorcycle but one of the most chosen by lovers of two wheels is the one that runs through three mountain posts and 6 lakes.

We will take the N-260 towards Gerri de la Sal and continue towards Pobla de Segur, Tremp and Ager. From here we will reach the furthest point of the route, Balaguer, to start the trip back through Camarasa, the Talarn Dam and Pobla de Segur.

Finally, we will return to the starting point, Sort, where you can taste typical dishes of the Catalan Pyrenees.

Bohí de Taüll

Finally, in the Bohí Valley, we find a ski resort located in the province of Lleida, more than 2,000 meters high. Bohí de Taüll, in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, is the gateway to the Aigües Tortes Natural Park and Lake San Mauricio.

From Pont de Suert on the N-230 we will take the L-500 towards Llesp, Coll, Cardet and, finally, Bohí.

Any of these routes by motorcycle through the Pyrenees will make you enjoy the views, the curves and the majestic places you will pass through.

Do you dare follow one of the motorcycle routes in the Pyrenees?

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